As Jesus poured water into a basin in order to wash the Disciples’ feet, He provided an unforgettable image of how to lead by being a servant.  It was a new kind of leadership that has proven to be the most effective leadership approach for church leaders still today.  

Leading people is a challenge.  It can be an intimidating task if you are unprepared.  “The Power of Being a Servant: Church Leadership that Works” by Wesley Shotwell, provides the tools you need to understand and succeed as a leader.  The book will give you the insight to understand how others respond to your personal leadership style.  It will also equip you to adapt your leadership in a way that best communicates and motivates.  Leadership is not about manipulating others, but it is about serving others in a way that allows them to experience success.  

Using biblical examples and scripture passages, “The Power of Being a Servant: Church Leadership that Works” reveals how servant leadership is an approach that works best in every situation.  This book will teach you –
The qualities of a servant leader
How to choose the best style of leadership for a specific situation
The elements that create trust
Tools for empowering others
The role of vision in leadership
How to lead through change
Skills for working through conflict
How to develop a leadership lifestyle

Author Information:
Wesley Shotwell writes about church leadership from the position of a seasoned pastor.  He has served as Pastor of Ash Creek Baptist Church in Azle, Texas since 1998. He previously served as pastor of two churches in Tennessee. His formal education includes Baylor University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville.  He is married to Margie and they have two sons, William and Jason.

The Power of Being a Servant: Church Leadership that Works
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