Much of life is consumed with thinking about what we don't have.  As a young person, we are preoccupied with getting our hands on the latest fashions and fads so we can fit in with our peers.  As we approach adulthood, we become consumed with dreaming about the career that will afford us all the things that will make life happy.  When our family is your and growing, we worry about having enough to provide for our kids and pay the bills.  When the children finally leave home, we then start to fret about accumulating for retirement.  Once we retire, much thought is given to having enough to last until the end of our days and leaving something for the children.

This 30 day devotional book is built on Jesus' words, "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  Therefore, it is important to find our treasure.  That is the purpose of the book.  Treasure Hunting will help you make some discoveries about yourself and the things you value.  At the end of 30 days of devotionals, you will better understand how to keep your heart where it belongs by being a good steward.  If you participate in the suggested practical ideas, you will experience significant growth.  Enjoy the adventure!
Treasure Hunting 
A 30 Day Search for Your Heart
Austin Brothers
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