What do you do when life gets hard? When God asks you to do the impossible? When the obstacles seem insurmountable? God has given us a resource that allows us to find victory in each of these circumstances – it is the Power of Your Faith in God. 

  With a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind, Howard Anderson provides a deeper understanding of the power of our faith in God. It is an understanding that will allow you to experience victory instead of defeat, guidance rather than confusion, and calm in the midst of storms. 
  • By faith you can see what you have never seen 
  • By faith you can do what you have never done
  •  By faith you can go where you have never gone 
  • By faith you can learn what you have never known 
  • By faith you can hear what you have never heard 
  • By faith you can speak what you have never spoken 

 Turning the pages of this book will be like taking a journey through the lives of those who have lived the life of faith and taught us how to walk in the same way.

The Power of Your Faith 

Dr. Howard E. Anderson, Sr.
Austin Brothers
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