There is a remarkably thin line between despair and hope, and perhaps the greatest tragedy is to find ourselves standing for a long period of time on the side of despair.  “Christmas Parables” is a collection of short stories about an assortment of characters who found hope.  The unifying theme running through each tale is Christmas.  

On these pages you will meet a father who nearly gave up everything when he lost a son he adored; a young pastor who felt the despair of failure with his church; a war hero who barely held on to a shred of hope while lying in a Colorado snow bank; a man who lost his precious wife but learned how to find hope by giving it to others; and a myriad of other folks who might seem like familiar friends from your own experience.  

As you read these parables, you will indeed unwrap the gift of hope, which is the greatest of all Christmas gifts.  Share them with family and friends.  Ten short stories that will certainly enhance your Christmas celebration.
Christmas Parables: 
Unwrapping the Gift of Hope
Austin Brothers
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