Pastor Dwight McKissic says, “WOW!!! Pastor Patrick McGrew, by the grace and inspiration of God, has blessed the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, with a devotional book that is biblical, practical, transformational, and inspirational. That is no small feat.”

Leadership is a learned skill. Effective leaders are those who have intentionally honed their skill. Patrick McGrew has proven his skill as a leader and through this book, “Becoming a Transformational Leader: A Thirty-One Day Journey to Effectiveness,” you are invited to spend a month intentionally developing your skill from one of the best. 
Each day for one month, you will open this book, along with God’s Word, and reflect on who you are and how you can become a Transformational Leader. Do you desire to see more out of the people you lead?  Have you grown weary in leading due to limited or lack of visible change?  Have you experienced great success and are ready to go to the next level? If so, grab your Bible and take the journey with Patrick.

About Patrick McGrew:

Patrick McGrew and his wife Charlotte planted Higher Praise Family Church of Fort Worth, TX, in January of 2001. The church’s mission is to “build families while bridging the gap between the Church and the community.” The church carries out this mission with an emphasis on the family, strong foundational and doctrinal teaching, life-changing preaching, and community outreach and activism. Higher Praise (“The Fam”) is an oasis of healing, city of refuge, and fountain of unconditional love. 

Patrick has a B.A. in Psychology from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. In addition, he has two Master’s Degrees; Master of Divinity, from Oral Roberts University, and a Master of Business Administration.  Patrick and Charlotte have two children; a son Patrick Jr. and a daughter Aria Janay.

Becoming a Transformational Leader: A Thirty-One Day Journey to Effectiveness
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