Rich Green, the most powerful man on Wall Street, will stop at nothing to amass his fame and fortune. Nobody stands in his way between success and failure, until his world is rocked by a single phone call. His life begins a downward spiral including blackmail, deception, and murder.

In his own words, Rich said, “Four years ago I wanted to be the most feared man on the Street. Now, I’m the most embarrassed, broken man on the Street. We’re sheltering two alleged murderers. One of whom is a Jamaican dude who betrayed me. I hired a Christian lawyer with a nerdy assistant who hates his name. And to top it all off, my pregnant fiancé and I will have to decide whose life to spare—hers or the baby’s.”

Operation Geronimo takes you into the world of Wall Street business, but along the way you will experience much more than high finance. Murder, fugitives hiding from the police, blackmail, and deceit are woven through the lives of unique, likable characters. 

In a world where trust and loyalty is measured by $$$, how can one man muster the strength to stand apart from the crowd to do what it takes to save himself and his family? Or can he?

Operation Geronimo is a fast paced thriller that will keep you turning page after page from the very beginning. The end might catch you off guard. It will certainly leave you thinking about the truly important things of life. 

Operation Geronimo

James Castellano
Austin Brothers
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