“If citizens are knowledgeable about how government works and how different levels of government interact they will be more successful in finding solutions to issues important to them.” 

Many people desire to make a difference in their community, but they have no idea where to begin or how to proceed. It might begin with casting your vote, but that is certainly not all that can be done. In her book, “Make a Difference,” Cynthia Northrop White peels away the layers of government so we can see how they function and work together. You will be amazed at how much you can do for your neighborhood and community by simply understanding how to be involved. 

Cynthia Northrop White has been active in many areas of the community serving two terms on the Lewisville, Texas, City Council. She also served as a Denton County Commissioner for two terms. Cynthia’s passion for educating people on how local government works and why it is important to be involved has remained a consistent theme in all her undertakings. Her hobbies include health and fitness, and music. Actively training clients today, Cynthia has been a lifetime advocate of health and fitness, becoming a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. A self-taught keyboard player, her musical outlets include singing and songwriting. She has produced five CD’s of mostly original tunes, plays in a band, and sings and plays keyboard on the worship team in her home church.

“Cynthia and I have a long history of serving together in local communities dating back to our days on the Lewisville City Council, including community endeavors together on Denton County Commissioners Court. We have participated in community issues, long term city/county planning, budget sessions, setting tax rates, and prioritizing initiatives and issues. Through our service an enduring friendship has been forged, based on trust and respect, independent of whether or not we agree or are coming down on different sides of an issue. In her book, Cynthia covers topics from civility to the rules of engagement for how to engage in local government and our community from a position of ‘walking the talk.’ She has demonstrated time and time again, in times of peace and in the heat of the battle, that agreeing to disagree is one key of building trust and respect. I believe people who read this book will gain insight and inspiration on how they can make a difference in their communities through local government and community participation.”

Bobbie Mitchell – Denton County Commissioner
Denton County Precinct 3

“Citizens want to know what they want to know when they want to know it! Cynthia is a master of seeing the right things and sharing the right way to capture the attention and interests of people at the right time and right way!” 

Rob Franke, Mayor of Cedar Hill, TX

“Cynthia began at the bottom as a volunteer in campaign work. She progressed to become a full time staffer in a Congressional District office for the US House Majority Leader. Seeing a need for action at the local level, she again went on the campaign trail, and this time for herself. She was elected to City Council, then went on to become County Commissioner showing at each level how Joe Public can and should be involved. I admire her energy and honesty as well as her organization skills and intellect on the issue of working with every level of government. The woman knows her subject!”

Jean Campbell, Former District Director, 
US House 26th, Texas 
(Cynthia’s direct supervisor 
when she worked for Congressman Dick Armey)

“You frequently hear the phrase, ‘all politics is local.’ This book provides enlightenment to this thought from a practical grassroots point of view. The experience and insight Cynthia shares is something that should be basic understanding for anyone wishing to participate and help better our society. I appreciate her passion, wisdom and commitment to helping others effectively engage.”

Bill Hale, Chief Engineer
Texas Department of Transportation

“I have known Cynthia for almost 20 years - throughout her career in local and state government. I have had the pleasure of interacting with her in both official and unofficial ways. Cynthia has impressed me time and again with her dedication to leadership through outreach, and by working side by side with her constituents - as a team. The secret to her success is that she truly understands the importance of involving people, creating coalitions, and how to engage and energize the many working parts of government. I think people are thirsty for leadership like Cynthia has exhibited throughout her career, and as a result, this book is a must-read -- not only for people seeking to understand the way government works, but for current elected officials who need to do their jobs better!””

Tiffany Melvin, President of NASCO 
North American Strategy for Competitiveness

“I have just read an advance excerpt from Cynthia Northrop’s new book on local governments and our rights and responsibilities as citizens to participate in their activities. I have long admired Cynthia’s energy, enthusiasm, and her dedication to local government. In an era where it seems much more fashionable to complain about local government than to participate in it, I applaud her commitment and have thoroughly enjoyed her book. I hope many will read it and learn basic mechanics of local government that will equip them with information, and glean from her insights into how they can participate more effectively so that our rights and privileges may continue, and pass them on to our children and grandchildren. I hope the day comes when we can speak with pride of the things we did to preserve those democratic ideals and encourage those that follow us to do the same!”

Eric Kaszynski
Community Activist 

“Cynthia White began her career in public service as a Constituent Liaison for U.S. Congressman Dick Armey. She then began a distinguished career in local government serving on the City of Lewisville Planning and Zoning, followed by election to the Lewisville City Council where she served as Mayor Pro-Tem from 1994 – 1995. She was elected to Commissioners Court in Denton County in 2000 where she worked hard for the people of Precinct 1 and beyond. Commissioner White became known as a leader on transportation issues for her region where her dedication has helped pave the way for numerous projects. The Commissioner has served as the Chair of the Regional Transportation Council, a board member of the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition, and has spoken on transportation issues throughout the state, including the Texas Senate. Commissioner White’s public service goes beyond government. She has volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Salvation Army of Denton Advisory Board and United Way. Her service sets a standard of devotion and true leadership, one that will never be forgotten.” 

Congress Michael Burgess, (TX-26)
Excerpt from Congressman Burgess’ extension of remarks given in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday, September 26, 2008, and recorded in the Congressional Record (110th Congress, Second Session) honoring Commissioner Cynthia White.

Make a Difference:
Navigating the Maze of Local Government

Cynthia Northrop White
Austin Brothers
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