The message of “Look Up America” is precisely what the title recommends. Our nation has become dispirited and divided because we are looking the wrong direction for help.  Some are looking to the right, even as far as the Tea Party.  Others are gazing to the left toward those behind the Occupy moments.  Many of the remainder are looking toward a future where their children and grandchildren will have a lower standard of living. The reason for such poor vision is that we have stopped looking up to the truth.

Gary Moore, Wall Street veteran, commentator, and founder of The Financial Seminary skillfully uses Scripture, an experienced understanding of the economy, and artful insight into the political environment to issue the call that help comes when we look up.  Tony Campolo says Gary Moore “transcends the easy answers of what is wrong with America being provided by those on the political right and finds that real sources of trouble lie in a moral deficit that has emerged in our nation over the past fifty years. Tapping into the rich treasure house of scripture he endeavors to explore what Jesus prescribed as the cures for our economic maladies.”  

“Look Up America” will give you hope. You will realize that, even though it is a concern, the federal debt is not on the verge of bankrupting our nation. You will be encouraged to look at what God has done for us rather than fearing what we are doing to ourselves.  The information found in “Look Up America” should be read and understood by every candidate running for office and every politician who purports to comprehend our nation’s economic needs. It is a book of refreshing good news.

Never one to shy away from controversial matters, Gary Moore also offers a valuable word to the church about the failure to teach and practice real stewardship. He calls the church to move beyond the singular emphasis of getting out of debt and begin to proclaim a message that he calls “stewardism.” This simply means that we should build an economy and practice on morality rather than corporate profit alone.  

Financial expert Jim Blasingame says, “America needs the wisdom Gary Moore delivers in his new book, Look Up America. As you’re drawn into these pages, here’s what you will learn about my friend:  He’s an intellectual, delivering these big ideas in plain English. He’s a devout Christian proposing real world solutions for the real lives of all Americans.”

Look Up America!
Financial Insights for Tea Partiers Looking Right, Occupiers Looking Left, and  All Americans Looking at a Lower Standard of Living
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