​If you could enter the mind of a young man as he struggles with the important questions of life that is exactly what you would find in the poetry of Nate Robinson. “My Life’s Journey… is a collection of poems penned by Nate during a critical, formative period of his life, the ages of 18 to 23. 

These poems capture mental, spiritual, and emotional growth in a unique manner. The first set of poems reflects the questions that are a natural part of the journey. In the next set you will discover Nate’s answers to many of these issues. Finally, there is a new series of questions, more mature and complex, because the journey always continues. 

Written in a unique freestyle, Nate is courageous and honest as he shares his world and how he is being changed. 
My Life's Journey...

Nate Robinson
Austin Brothers
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From the Foreword:

Have you ever struggled or felt like life is all together too hard? In that struggle have you ever felt like you can't find the words to express what you are feeling? Have you ever been around someone who you know is in a lot of pain, but you feel like you can't fully understand them? Well, "My Life's Journey…" is a great book to read. It truly is a universal book that all can relate to...
I am very thankful to have a brother like Nathan, who was not afraid to ask the hard questions, but learned how to turn it into something positive. I know his journey is not over, and to be honest, I am glad it's not. There are still many answers out there for him and all of us to find in this life, and I am grateful that he will keep searching until he finds them. 
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