The uniqueness of Jeff Williams’ treatment of the Last Words of Jesus on the cross is that he writes with a pastor’s heart. These words have been dissected by theologians for centuries but Jeff captures the impact of Jesus’ words as they speak to our practical lives today, not just in some theoretical sense. As you read this book you will meet Jesus. Whether it is for the first time or even if He is a lifelong friend, you will be enlightened and encouraged by what Jesus said as He hung on the cross.  

“Pastor Jeff Williams reminds us of the seven things Jesus said from the cross. He wanted us, two thousand years later, to hear these words of forgiveness, promise, compassion, loneliness, agony, completion, and victory. They were spoken for you to hear. With the heart of a pastor, Jeff takes you back to those six hours to see what Jesus went through, and to hear what He said to you and me. When you hear these last words with the realization that they were spoken to you it will change your life forever.” Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church  
Last Words
Austin Brothers
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​Jeff Williams has been pastor of First Baptist Church, Denton, Texas since 1997. He has led the 4,500 member congregation to be very active in the local community and in mission endeavors around the world. He has also served two other churches in Texas. A graduate of Baylor University, Jeff has both a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jeff and his wife Tami have a son, Ryan and a daughter, Alyssa. 
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