When you go to the theater for a play or musical performance, they always have an Intermission.  It is usually past the halfway point of the event, scheduled at a time when they anticipate the audience needs a break.  It is a time to wander around the foyer, stretch your legs, or just initiate a short conversation with other theater goers.  If the concert is held at a really nice Performance Hall, they might even provide a glass of champagne for those who need some help getting through the evening.  

When the lights blink, everyone knows to return to their seat for the remainder of the show.  I always anticipate that the final part will be shorter and conclude with a big finale.  In fact, most of the time, the reason you go to the theater is to experience what occurs after the Intermission.  

I wrote these stories to recap for you what has occurred prior to the Intermission of my life.  You are invited to read them and then join with me for the Second Act leading up to the Grande Finale. 


Terry Austin has lived his entire life with the consequences of a crippling childhood disease, which means the obstacles in his life have been very visible.  However, he has also experienced the marvelous grace of God in dealing with these obstacles.  “Intermission” describes how he has dealt with life, but more importantly, how God has proved His faithfulness.  

Yet, this is a story for everyone.  Even though you might not have a physical handicap, you have other obstacles that make life a difficult challenge at times.  The lessons learned and explained in this book can help all of us overcome the obstacles of life.  

As you read Terry’s story, you might laugh and you might cry.  No doubt, you will be encouraged and inspired as you discover how God has revealed Himself in the life of one of His children.  

Austin Brothers
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