​More important than HOW MUCH we give is WHY do we give

The very first generosity story ever told originated from God. It is a story about God’s grace. Generous, incredible, ridiculous grace. The Giving Story explains how our generosity is profoundly intertwined with God’s grace. 

Inside the heart of every believer is a spirit of generosity. For some this generosity may be lying dormant. It may need cultivation and encouragement from God’s Word, but it is there. God’s grace is in the believer. A story is ready to begin.

Stories are a record of the heart in action.

The Giving Story is a learning guide for individual or group study. It challenges you to discover:
Giving to others ought is a joyful act
God’s abundant grace is connected to giving
Inspirational stories of heart givers
Insights to living a generous life

Giving is a wonderful spiritual act and is intended to be joyful. God’s people have exhibited this joyful giving characteristic for centuries – and you can too.

Jeffrey Davis is a leader of God’s people in creating opportunities for joyful giving. His national travels engage him with unique and inspiring people who give. He writes straightforwardly on grace generosity. Jeff considers it a privilege to help others discover a deeper appreciation between God’s grace and giving. Jeff and Sally, his wife and spiritual helpmate, live in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

The Giving Story

Jeffrey Davis
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