The people of Telmaria and Distara lived in peace for thousands of years, going about their daily lives as their hearts desired, always protected. But one day, a man named Elon showed his face to the two worlds, and all of that changed. A presence that had been unknown paid a visit to Telmaria to offer Elon an ancient power that was incomprehensible. It would be hard for anyone to believe that a man like Elon would agree to such an insane offer. But he was tricked, smothered with lies, and now locked away in the forsaken realm of Elangon, where he became the Dark Lord. For ten thousand centuries he sat in wait for the Chosen to show his face to the two worlds so he could be set free from his imprisonment. One day, a man named Karos showed his face, and the Gods finally knew that they had found the savior for all of creation. Now the war has begun, and as the Dark Lord waits, he savors the moment for the final battle that will define the end of it all... 
As I Fall Into Darkness
Austin Brothers
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​Jacob Doss is a young aspiring entrepreneur, writer, and musician. He is fascinated with futuristic ideas and settings, utilizing technology of the future. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Jacob now resides in San Antonio. A close friend told him, “If you just listen to your heart you will find your purpose and the hidden talents within you.” Taking those words to heart, Jacob soon discovered that writing was his passion. He likes to escape the real world by writing and creating a world not known today, using a blend of heroism, friendship, violence, and love.