​Coaching youth sports can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, it can also be one of the most difficult and discouraging. The difference will be determined by you—the coach. 

This book provides Essential Coaching Tips that will benefit everyone who wants to be a successful coach. As you know already, it is not about winning and losing. The most important element is to make it a positive experience for the youth and their parents. Teaching the appropriate situational behaviors, techniques, and bio-mechanical movements will create an environment where the winning will take care of itself. 

Many coaching resources focus on skills and drills, and omit the internal issues faced by participants during the season. However, these tips will help you set behavioral expectations that will encourage and motivate your players; the issues volunteer coaches confront on a daily basis. These skills will help you establish a safe and beneficial atmosphere that will benefit everyone on your team—players as well as parents. 

If you desire even greater training, National Athletic Coaching Certification Center (NACCC) is a ready resource for you. Visit the website (www.naccc.info) for more information. 

Essential Tips for Coaching Youth Sports include…
Preparations before a practice and competition
Establishing good relations with parents
Dealing with troublesome athletes
Safety issues
Utilizing social media
Establishing a discipline policy
and many other crucial issues. 

Dan Cowan founded National Athletic Coaching Certification Center after years of working with athletes at all levels of competition. A graduate from Baylor University with a Masters of Education with a focus on Sports Pedagogy, he did his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin. In his spare time, Mr. Cowan coaches baseball and wrestling. Dan is the Central Region Director for Texas USA Wrestling, and is helping to grow the sport in a nontraditional region.
Essential Tips for 
Coaching Youth Sports

Dan Cowan
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