“Lyn Robbins integrates Bible stories with profound spiritual insights in exploring the questions and challenges of giving a Christian witness while carrying on an active, high-pressure professional life as a courtroom lawyer.  His reflections will inspire any readers who struggle with letting their personal faith inform their professional actions.”
Thomas R. Phillips, retired Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas

“My friend Lyn Robbins chose law for his vocation, and he has excelled as an advocate in the search for facts and applicable law to resolve disputes.  In this book, readers will get the benefit of his formidable legal skills and experience in the search for answers to difficult questions of faith in the 21st century.”

John Knox Walkup, former Attorney General for the State of Tennessee

“When I saw the title of Lyn Robbins’ book, In the Court of the Master, I was instantly intrigued.  Upon reading the book, I was not disappointed.  Lyn brings his knowledge of courthouse proceedings to bear on church house issues. Preachers, read this book.  It will help you hear your sermons through the ears of your parishioners.  It will also give you some good preaching material.  (Most of our congregations would appreciate that!)”

Stan Allcorn, Senior Pastor, Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas

“What do a donkey, a witness in a jury trial, and an ordinary Christian have in common? They all serve as props for Lyn Robbins to describe the relationship between deep faith and daily experience.  If you are looking for easy answers to tough questions, this is not your book. But if you want to share the rough, rocky, breathtaking road that explores life's terrain, walk alongside Robbins. He combines a lawyer's eye for detail, a longtime Christian's familiarity with the Bible, and a passionate believer's heart for God in the insightful, helpful pages of In the Court of the Master. There's nothing like taking a fantastic journey with a truly inquisitive companion.”

Marv Knox, editor, The Baptist Standard

“To read In the Court of the Master is to sit down next to Lyn Robbins in a pew after church. (He would have been in the choir during the worship service.) Sit with him here, as you read, and have a conversation about what you've just experienced in worship and how it might make a difference tomorrow at work.  Lyn is a musician; clues are present throughout the book. Lyn is a lay theologian; testimony to that fact can be found on almost every page. Lyn is a professional attorney; there's evidence from cover to cover.  You and the questions that follow you home from church have found a friend in Lyn Robbins.”

Dr. Terry W. York, Professor of Christian Ministry and Church Music, George W. Truett Seminary

"Lyn has given us in this book fodder for our thoughts about how we can struggle meaningfully with our own inadequacies and doubts that arise in our walk in life and in faith. He wisely articulates why it's okay not to always have neatly boxed and gift wrapped answers to all the spiritual questions with which we may wrestle. This is a book for those who embrace faith and seek to grow – and who are not be satisfied with the shallows of faith."

Bradley J.B. Toben, Dean, Baylor University School of Law

“Lyn Robbins draws on his life experience as a Christ follower, lay teacher, lawyer, and loyal friend to encourage and challenge both seekers and believers. His reflections affirm honest questions about faith and celebrate life lived in pure, simple devotion to Christ.”

Dr. Jason B. Rogers, Vice President for Administration and University Counsel, Belmont University

“Thoughtful reflections by a practicing attorney on the 'practice' of Christianity.  Personal, direct, inspirational.  From witnesses in trials to donkeys in service.  From cross-examination to 'cross examination.'  From the law to 'the Law.'”

Dr. Russell McIntire, Associate Dean, Vanderbilt University

“Deep faith is not only for the religious professionals who earn their living running institutional religion - it's for the ‘clients’ of the Church - those people who sit in the pews.  Attorney and committed Lyn Robbins writes about the life of vibrant, traditional Christianity in this book. If your faith is centered in a rich, robust experience of traditional Church-centered Christianity, you will want to read In the Court of the Master.”

Dr. Merrill Hawkins, Associate Professor of Counseling and Religion, Director - Spiritual Guidance and Care Program, Carson-Newman College

“In the Court of the Master calls to mind that great trial played out in the book of Job. But Lyn is not the Adversary. Here he is the Advocate, approaching faith with a keen legal mind and insight. Honestly, I don’t always agree with Lyn. But I always listen to him. That is what made us an effective team when we taught Sunday School together. You should pay attention as well. You’ll be glad you did.”

Paul K. Harral, Executive Editor, Fort Worth, Texas magazine, 
Retired Vice President/Editorial Page Editor, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
In the Court of the Master: An ordinary Man's Walk with an Extradorinary God
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