​“All politics is local” is a well-worn aphorism that provides the reason why the words of Gerald Britt are significant. In this collection of Civic Sermons, Britt dives deep into the waters of local politics. As he explores the issues and decisions that impact the local community, you will discover that he also uncovers the moral truths that guide us toward making the right decisions.

Rev. Gerald Britt currently serves as Vice-President of External Affairs for CitySquare, a social service, social justice organization which works to fight poverty in low income communities throughout Dallas. Rev. Britt writes a monthly column in the Dallas Morning News, and was a contributor to the Pulitzer Prize winning North/South Gap series, which explores disparities between Dallas communities. Rev. Britt served as pastor of the New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church for 22 years and is a much sought after preacher, public speaker, writer and panelist on forums in churches, college campuses, and other community organizations. He has been a guest on numerous television and radio programs. 

Provocative. Inspirational. Truthful. Enlightening.
Rev. Bryan Carter, Senior Pastor, Concord Church, Dallas

...written in the prophetic tradition that calls us to justice and action to make our nation better for all, and particularly for the least among us.
Mary Beth Rogers
Author and Former Chief of Staff to Governor Ann Richards

Written by one who is actively engaged in the daily struggle for justice and righteousness.
Zan W. Holmes, Jr., St. Luke Community United Methodist Church

Civic Sermons 
Ideas for a Different Civic Culture

Gerald Britt
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